Let us help you achieve your credit goals by getting negative items removed and implementing proven strategies to raise your credit score in as little as 60 days with Credit Blueprints Credit Repair Program with unlimited disputes.

LEARN How a Credit Repair Company cracked the code on getting 
the credit bureaus to take their clients dispute claims seriously

Imagine the feeling of having great credit and having the power to negotiate on your terms... 

Being turned down and turned away is a heavy burden that leaves a trail of frustration and overwhelm with not many enticing options to get ahead.

The days of DIY, YouTube education and un-trust worthy credit repair companies are rampant and the results are poor.  

What you think might be a good idea to improve your credit because of something you read online or advice you got from someone can actually hurt your score dramatically and set you back 50-100 points. 

Believe me, I understand the frustration! I lost my house many years ago to foreclosure and learned the importance of having good credit the hard way. But what I learned and implemented saved my family and I from other hardships. It’s the foundation of why I started this company and the credit programs that are helping so many people. 

Those days of being denied because of negative items on your credit report and a low score can be behind you. 
Don't let the past dictate your future.

Good credit is its own reward, but did you know that you are likely paying more than you need for your credit cards, mortgage, even home and auto insurance? 
Credit score is the number one determining factor in debt or insurance pricing. 
We can help save you money on all of the above.

You deserve to have the things you can purchase that new home, the brand new car you always wanted, apply for the best credit cards, loans and business funding and get the best rates possible.

You have an important choice to make. Keep doing what you're doing, ignore your credit and watch how bad credit continues to hurt your financial well-being OR you can take-action and move forward into a future that is full of financial opportunity.  

Don't look back in six months after being in front of someone again telling you that your credit doesn't qualify and say to yourself..."I wish I had taking advantage of that offer." 

Because when you do enroll in our program, the next time you step into a situation where someone asks to pull your credit, you will be prepared and have no issue telling them...

This highly effective credit program can help you Reach your goals...

Remove Negative Items

Buy A New House

Purchase A Dream Car

Invest In Real Estate 

Get Business Fundings

Lower Interest Rates

RAISE YOUR SCORE And HAVE better negotiating power!!!

Thousands of Positive Reviews & Goals Reached For Our Clients

Mateo Hernandez

"Amazing company! they helped me go from a 450 score because of negative medical bills etc, now I have a score of 723 and still going up. Big thanks to my coach Toni! She was so attentive, kind and we built such a good relationship over the phone. She is the perfect example of excellent customer service! I am in the real estate industry and have referred credit blueprint for my clients as well and have gotten them ready to buy a house or any other goals they have."

Jeff Coppock

"Credit Blueprint fixed my credit to the point where I could buy a house. I never thought that was possible. I have since then referred them to several friends and the have helped my friends in the same way. You can't ask for any thing more. Than you Credit Blueprint"

Lucid Property

What a delightful surprise, Foreclosure & Bankruptcy - No More! We were matched with Toni for 4 months who coached us through the process of repair. Toni made herself available to patiently answer ALL of the many personal and business credit questions that we had. We ended up well over 700 with every single negative item deleted thanks to Toni! It was truly a pleasure working with Toni every step of the way. Thank you Credit Blueprint!"

Jimmy Steele

"5 Star company through and through. Explained process thoroughly, gave me updates and in 6 months got me to 775 score. Carl and Jenna are great to work with and have even given advice long after I exited the program. If you need help you will not regret using them"
*** This program is not for everyone. It’s only for people who are serious about wanting to raise their credit score by getting negative items removed off their credit report and are willing to implement the precise strategies we provide for their specific credit situation.***

Any Item That Is Found To Be Inaccurate, Unverifiable Or Out Of Date Can Be Deleted with our very specific and effective letter campaign. These Items Include:

  • Collections
  • Judgments
  • Repossessions
  • ​​Liens
  • ​Bankruptcy
  • ​Foreclosure
  • ​Short sale​
  • ​Late payments
  • ​Settlements
  • ​Charge offs
  • ​Garnishments
If this sounds like you and your credit situation then our Basic Credit Repair Program with unlimited dispute letter campaign is the perfect solution. It includes…




 Personal Credit portal to track results

 Month To Month

​ Average Turn Around Time 4 Months 

 Clients Have Seen Results In As Little As 60 Days

 three-Day Right To Cancel Without Any Charge On The Initial Payment 

 15 Days Cancelation policy on Recurring Monthly Fee

Plus if you act today you get over 20% OFF per month!!!

Still not convinced we can solve your credit problem?

It's backed by our full 
Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee  

One of our expert Credit Coaches will review your credit report and if we determine we can’t improve your credit we will refund 100% of your initial set up fee.
Envision a few months from now…

Just picture the day you have nothing else to worry about with your credit…negative items have been removed and your scores have been raised. 

You’re feeling great because you have the power to leverage your scores to obtain the things you need and wish for.

Just imagine after the program ends the emotion of relief and confidence you will feel because you know you have the best credit possible. You friends and family ask “how are you getting all these things at such great rates? Is there some trick?”

You reply back with that confident smile. “No, I simply enrolled in a credit repair program that had an effective, simple and proven strategic plan that got me the results I needed. So, know I am benefiting from all the things that having good credit offers.”


You are FINALLY on the path to financial freedom.

Being in this program was the best thing for your financial life and your future self couldn’t be happier.



How We Compare - Better Business Bureau®

*Ratings From 7/21/20

Our credit enhancement programs are the best in the country!




What People Are Saying:

I am very happy with the service Credit Blueprint has provide for my husband and I. Very professional and caring. I absolutely recommend them.

Real Google Review
When I first started with Credit Blueprint my lowest score was a 345 within 2 months my lowest score jumped to a 600 . I did everything they told me to do and I am trusting the process my credit journey is far from over but I know theses guys will help me reach my goals. I highly recommend them to anyone who is seriously striving to fix their credit.

Real Google Review
I had a few events that took place in my life and it caused credit to be poorly affected. I have been trying to work through the issues on my own but I had very little or no success. Since I have been working with this company I seen major improvements on my credit score. I have experienced wonderful customer service and amazing communication every month.

- Rayel
Real Better Business Bureau Review
I started in November with Credit Blueprint with 614 credit score and just recently hit 720!! I just got accepted for $8400 limit and couldn’t have done it without them! I’ve been working with Toni throughout this process and she’s been a HUGE help! I couldn’t of had a better experience.

- Mike Aquilante
Real Google Review

"The rich get richer using Other Peoples Money"

* Did you know in order to get access to OPM you need the best credit?

How Our Credit Repair Process Works

  • 1. COMMUNICATION - Go to the next page  to get started and you will receive a call from us within the next *24hrs.   
  • 2. EVALUATE & ANALYZE - We look into what is hurting your credit score and discuss the best course of action to start improving them for your specific situation.
  • 3. TAKE ACTION - We start sending out dispute letters through our letter campaign challenging all negative items with an option to receive bi-weekly credit coaching calls.
  • 4. ELEVATE & ACCELERATE - We continue to take your credit to the next level with our proven strategies so you can reach credit greatness.  


Credit Growth

See results in as little as 60 days.


We remove collections, repo’s, 
late payments…etc.

Coaching Calls

Get a personalized blueprint from one of our credit coaches.

 A+ Rating

Going strong for 8.5 consecutive years. 

 In Business
Since 2011

A credit business built with integrity.

 1000's of
Positive Reviews

Our record and results speaks for themselves.

You now have 3 simple options...

1. Do nothing and go backwards: We’ve seen people lose 50 to 100 points by making one little wrong move. 

2. Do nothing and stay the same:  Contentment leads to stagnation and frustration. Don't put yourself in a position where it's too late to do something. 

3. Make the change today and change your life. This program has worked for thousands of people that took action and have now climbed the steps to financial freedom.
Hi my name is Carl Scaramuzza I founded my company, Credit Blueprint in 2011 with one simple goal: to help people use their credit to build real wealth and increase their net worth. 

I've coached thousands of people and business owners on how they can leverage their credit, get access to other people’s money to multiply their assets, grow their net worth and ultimately, create a thriving financial future.

I'm more than just an entrepreneurial success story. My path exemplifies the principles I teaches my clients. Shortly after starting Credit Blueprint, I let my mortgage payments slip in order to build my business, and I lost my house in the process. 

But, I knew how to leverage my credit scores, access other people’s money and start building my business. Now, I exponentially grown my own net worth with a thriving A rating and I've become a leading authority in credit and wealth coaching. 

Me and my team of expert Credit Coaches are ready to help you get your credit to the next level.

My podcast, the power of credit, a weekly podcast where I teaches credit and how to use it to grow your net worth is available on iTunes. I've had guest like Tarek El Moussa, David Meltzer, Tim Storey and many more!



Do the right thing… always.


We believe that growth and profit are a result of forces working together.


We are self-governing adults who find fast and innovative ways to solve problems.


When we inspire others to learn more, want more and be more… we become fulfilled.